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There's more to life than coping.  We can learn to live with joy!


Do you ever...

  • think about something over and over?

  • have trouble letting things go?

  • say YES when NO would have been better?

  • feel uncomfortable and not know why?

  • experience tension in your body?

  • say/do something you didn't mean to?

  • struggle with falling or staying asleep?

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A lot of us learn to accept these symptoms as part of life and just suffer the consequences. Sometimes we numb out through over working, busyness, distraction…shopping, snacking, a glass of wine, or maybe even acting out.


While all of these strategies may provide temporary relief, they just treat the symptoms.

They don’t take you to the root cause. The place where you can learn the truth that sets you free.

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When you learn what is happening in

your mind/body, you can change it!


The Overcome! program will teach you how. It is a mindfulness program designed to transform stress and anxiety with compassion and care.


You will learn what triggers stress/anxiety in you and how you can overcome it. 

This program works by following a daily routine that you create from specific suggestions to fit your needs.


By paying attention during your day you will learn: what is happening in your mind/body and how to change it; see situations more clearly; manage difficult moments; discover how to reframe your thoughts; and addressing unease as it arises.


Your commitment to a daily practice gives you to the ability to make permanent change.

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The eight week Overcome! program includes two hour meetings every other week, online videos,  

downloadable reference materials - self regulation tools, workbook pages, tracking charts and more to help you learn and practice new skills.


Each meeting includes education and yoga for mind body healing with deep relaxation. Education is science based information on anxiety, self-regulation techniques, tips for getting a good night’s sleep and caring for your body, mind and soul.

The next Overcome! program will be offered through the Emmaus Spirituality Center beginning 

Sunday, January 10th from 5-7 pm. To register follow the link below.

 Overcome!: A Bi-Monthly 8 week Workshop on Stress Relief Tickets, Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

Registration ends Friday, January 8th at noon.

The OVERCOME! program has been developed, researched, and refined over 20 years through collaboration

of health care providers, scientists, yoga instructors, and thousands of participants feedback. 

It is especially helpful for those healing from anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD.

Programs are available year-round in a variety of formats, including introductory and bi-weekly sessions,

online and in-person. Group and individual (one-on-one) programs are available.

When I have received your completed questionnaire (below), I will contact you to arrange an initial appointment.


oanx hines lecture.jpg

The workshop was very informative and a gift to my mental, physical,spiritual and emotional self.  It will be of benefit to all ages. It contains life skills for a more joyous life by better understanding myself, others and their effects on me.

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To really develop a personal & healthy healing and restorative practice for coping with the challenges of a fast-paced life, full of change and opportunity, you must take the Overcome Anxiety workshop. You will, I promise, be glad you did.

susan presenting oanx material

If you want insight into living with anxiety this is the perfect way to get it in a relaxed, positive, non-judgmental way. Susan Grace is wise, humorous and down-to-earth. Every workshop or classof hers that I’ve ever attended has been first-class.

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